First Impressions & The Meaning of Colour

First Impressions

First impressions count.  Our appearance has a huge impact on how we are perceived by friends, family, colleagues and society, we make judgements all of the time, sometimes with out even realising.  Our lasting impression of someone we meet is decided within the first 7 seconds of meeting them.

A staggering 55% of this opinion is made up by appearance and actions.  Wow.

It is my aim therefore is to ensure you feel empowered to be the very best version of you.


The Meaning of Colour

The Seasonal Theory of Colour Analysis

Colours are magic.  Fact.  By wearing the right colours for us, as individuals, that enhance our natural skin tones we can;

  • Enhance our natural colouring even further
  • Look younger
  • Lift our natural features
  • Make our skin look clearer and healthier
  • Make our eyes appear larger and brighter
  • and Make our face shape more define.

If we wear less flattering colours, these colours can;

  • Drain colour from our face and make our complexion dull, grey or pasty
  • Make us look tired and perhaps older
  • Emphasise facial lines and blemishes
  • Make our faces look fuller and our eye colour duller
  • and importantly make clothes look like they are wearing us!

The colour spectrum I follow is made up of the seasons, I’m sure if you look through the below gallery, you will recognise why we look seasonally and that you are probably drawn to one season more than any other?

The season spectrum is not based on seasonality in terms of when you were born, but what colour skin tone resonates and can be enhanced by a palette.  If you have not had your Colour and Body Analysis completed, visit the Online Styling in the menu above to book yours now.

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Be Forever You, Always.

V x