All About V

Hey there!

My name is Victoria and I am passionate about empowering Women and making Women feel good and look the very best, most wonderful version of themselves, focusing from the inside to outside and mindset.

I am a Wife and a Mum of two wonderful little girls so I understand the stresses and strains that Family life can sometimes bring where you want to be in your joggers all day and other times dolled up to the nines!

I also understand, and more importantly care, that style is very different for every Woman and the Styling services I offer are individual.  No matter your role in life, you are a smart, beautiful, magical and sassy Woman and I want to ensure you know how to be the very best version of you by enhancing your best features through colours and shaping of clothes.

I was inspired by the fashion in Sex and the City and have always had a love of clothes.  Growing up I watched all the Fashion programmes I could possibly consume but my favourite had to be The Clothes Show.  I strongly believe that no matter how you perceive your look/style, that there is absolutely a style to empower you to looking and feeling fabulous.

I have trained with a Celebrity Stylist through the Supreme Stylists Academy at The Fashion Lounge in Westfield, White City, London and am excited and passionate to work with you to impart my knowledge and flair.

Please have a look around my website and if you have any questions, please do get in touch either by signing up to my page or emailing me at

Me, Myself and I

Now for the fun part.  Get to know me a little better with 10 things to know about me!

1 – I am Welsh

2 – I cant sing the Welsh National Anthem (each year I try and fail)

3 – I can however say the longest train station in Wales though

4 – I eat Nutella from the jar when the little people can’t see me

5 – I have never watched or read Game of Thrones or *Breaking Bad

6 – I have two baskets of clothes that I STILL haven’t taken to Barnardos

7 – I buy way more Costa Lattes than I tell my Husband

8 – I have a mountain of books to read, and keep adding to the pile

9 – I LOVE Disney

10 – I once stalked Jimmy Choo after spotting him in a Hotel in Malaysia (I didn’t get to meet him though)

Thank you for visiting my website, I look forward to styling with you.

Be Forever You,

V x

*Actually Breaking Bad is a fib, I watched four episodes and gave up. Sorry Aaron Paul.